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The Royal Commission and its Impact on Superannuation

2:16 66,000 people consolidated their super in the last three months of 2018.
4:46 I can’t get my last two superfunds consolidated into one. How can I do this?
6:26 Discussion on superfund fees.
7:50 I don’t have a lot of super, my wife has a good amount of super. I want to see a financial advisor, but I’m not sure where to go to find financial advice.
11:43 I have a large amount of annual leave and long service leave and I want to cash it in, but I’m worried tax will be a problem.
13:02 My superannuation went into a wrap product and the only way I can access funds is to go through a financial advisor. How do I get control of my superannuation?
16:42 Do ASX-50 and ASX-200 funds pay dividends?
17:39 Advantages to leaving super funds after retirement.
18:53 Discussion on where to start with superannuation consolidation, including how to roll funds over, where to roll them over to and what to be weary of.

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