NKH Knight merges with EKS Solutions

NKH Knight reached an agreement with EKS Solutions to merge our businesses together. Both businesses have been servicing clients for over 40 years and have longstanding client relationships based on trust, personalised service and expert advice. Mark Smith and Greg Berry, the Directors of EKS Solutions, and the full contingent of EKS Solutions staff have joined NKH Knight. The combined business has adopted the identity of NKH Knight and is based in NKH Knight’s offices in Subiaco.

NKH Knight’s ongoing focus is to add value for clients via enduring relationships based on trust. By combining NKH Knight and eks Solutions we will enhance our ability to create this value for our clients by leveraging off a broader set of experience, skill and talents. We don’t aspire to be the biggest but we want to be the best at helping individuals and small to medium businesses with the ongoing management of their broad financial affairs.

A larger client group will also create additional professional development opportunities for our staff.

Please contact Simon Howard at simon.howard@nkhknight.com.au or on 9254 6805 with any enquiries.

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