Knight – Our new name

Our business began in 1971 in a small office in Fremantle. Since then we moved to South Perth (1979) and then Subiaco (2008) and have changed our name from Nissen, Kestel & Harford to NKH Financial Services Group (2008) and finally to NKH Knight (2012). We were joined by eks Solutions in 2015.

We’ve had a long and enjoyable journey assisting people to protect and grow business and personal wealth. We always have been and always will be owned and operated by people that work day to day in our business.

We are passionate about employing great people with the best knowledge who deliver outstanding service.

In the future, we want to continually improve your access to the knowledge and expertise of our people. We want your experience with us to be simple, seamless and consistent no matter what you need from us and who within our business provides it to you.

Therefore, we are replacing our 4 existing names with 1 single name for our business. We will provide all our services under the name of Knight to reflect that we are one business and one team focussed on achieving great outcomes for you.

You’ll see this new brand in action shortly.

We appreciate your ongoing support and thank you for it.

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