Knight’s accounting unit joins the Bentleys Network

Starting July 1, 2024, Knight’s accounting unit will join the Bentleys Network – a collective of like-minded professional services firms.

What does this mean for clients?
In making this move, Knight’s priority has been to ensure any changes for Knight clients are positive ones. Here’s how that breaks down:

  • You’ll be dealing with the same team you trust – now with access to dozens of accounting firms and hundreds of experts across the world
  • You’ll experience even better outcomes – capability strengthened by collaboration
  • You’ll tap into more value – Knight will have even quicker access to industry trends and best practices, supplementing the quality you already receive

What’s in it for us?
In short, we’re making this move because it allows us to step into the next phase of growth – with collaboration at the core of what we do. Greater professional development for our team and the ability to leverage shared experience and knowledge.

What is the Bentleys Network?
Bentleys is a network of independently owned and operated accounting and professional services firms, currently ranked 12th in the Australian Financial Review’s Top 100 Accounting Firms. Internationally, they are a leading member of Allinial Global – the second largest accounting association in the world, ranked 9th in global accounting networks and associations. The Bentleys Network, established in 1970, consists of 14 successful businesses employing approximately 750 staff across Australia and New Zealand.

All the other details
Knight will remain wholly WA-owned and run by shareholders who work in the business. This is not an acquisition or merger.
There will be no changes to Knight’s leadership, staff or commitment to exemplary service.

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