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AFR Top 100 Accounting Firms – Knight places in top 50


We are delighted to announce that the Knight Group has been named in the Australian Financial Review’s Top 100 Accounting Firms for the year of 2022. 

The AFR announced that the income across Australia’s biggest 100 accounting firms jumped significantly as compared to last year due to clients seeking tax, compliance and refinancing advice after facing the effects of the pandemic and economic downturn. 

It was reported that firms like Knight drove this growth based upon the demand for “traditional accounting services such as tax advice and bookkeeping in tough economic times”. 

CEO, Simon Howard, also attributes Knight’s success to the fact that it is an attractive place to work with a client-focused team that devote themselves to being with you every step of the way, especially through uncertain times. 

“Regardless of whether you’re an individual, have a family, operate a family business, own small-to-medium-sized enterprises, or run a private or listed company, our team is skilled and focused on supporting you with guidance and advice throughout the various stages of your life.”

Howard considers placing in the AFR’s Top 100 Accounting Firms to be a wonderful recognition given the challenges everyone has faced with COVID lockdowns taking place during the year. 

“It is a great reflection of the resilience of our staff and their ability to focus on ensuring our clients received the support they needed during a difficult 12 months. At a time when talented people have plenty of employment options, I appreciate that our people choose to be part of our business. I thank them and our clients for their continued support.”

To learn more about the Australian Financial Review, and the Top 100 Accounting Firms visit this link.


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