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How to Get the Best Out of Your Bank

2:05 The government has announced a new review of the banks
2:40 The benefits of researching banks
3:39 The income from my super is currently tax free because I am over 60. If I take on a part-time job, will I continue to have a tax-free super income?
7:23 Fees on Super
9:57 I’m intending to retire at the age of 60. What will happen to my super if I re-enter the workforce later?
11:03 Is there a good time in the financial year to retire?
13:23 Do I need to close my reset loan to access my pension entitlements?
16:05 Tips to get the most from your bank
16:06 (1) Do your research first
16:32 (2) Don’t be afraid to ask and to act
16:56 (3) Know what your property is worth
18:03 Is it better to pay off your home loan or put extra money into your super?
19:54 Is there a calculator to determine how an industry fund compares to the super fund I am using now?

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