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Holiday Houses

2:21 Is buying a holiday home the great Australian dream?
2:57 What should you consider before purchasing a holiday home?
4:04 Scoping a property manager for your holiday house.
4:49 The important distinction between labelling your holiday house a lifestyle choice, rather than an investment decision.
6:55 Refinancing an NRAS (National Rental Affordability Scheme) property.
11:34 Scenario: I have a line of credit linked to my personal account where I can pay a SMSF out. Is there any way I can create an agreement so that my line of credit is the bank?
13:28 Switching from an interest only loan to a principal and interest loan in order to pay off a tax-deductible property.
16:28 Investment advice for when you’re in your early 20s with a stable income and a decent amount of savings.
20:13 Is it possible to tax-deduct the repayments on a loan that was originally taken out on an investment property?

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